World of Tanks
UX/UI • 2016
UX/UI • 2016

World of Tanks

Lead Designer • Lightmaker
UX Analysis, Research, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Interaction, Prototyping
1 Month

World of Tanks, a massive multiplayer online game, was seeking to re-evaluate design strategy of their Garage interface to ensure that innovation and ease of use are the core foundation of the user experience.

Project Goals

  • Improve player speed & immersion.
  • Reduce cognitive loads on player during specific scenarios.
  • Create a new look and feel for the GUI.
  • Reduce the time spent in the garage and increase the amount of time in gameplay.

The Garage

Existing garage design


  • Key messaging is placed far from related buttons and calls-to-action making it difficult to quickly learn how to navigate the interface.
  • Inconsistent interaction patterns create confusion and challenge the user’s expectation of behavior.
  • Important buttons, notifications and active elements are easily missed.
  • Difficult for players to understand the role of each section and process the structure of information.

Garage restructure


  • Restructure organization of content into clearly labeled sections that follow a more predictable flow.
  • Promote the features and information a player needs to start a game.
  • Create a single destination for notifications, account information and social features that doesn’t interfere with garage activities.

Additional Scenarios

The Garage is a starting point for 4 major user flows that also needed to be reviewed and optimized.

  1. Selecting a vehicle for battle
  2. Purchasing a new vehicle from the tech tree
  3. Vehicle maintenance (repairs and purchases
  4. Crew management (training and transferring crew between vehicles)

Scenario user flow screens


  • Incorporate interface elements into the game environment. Explore diegetic, meta and spatial UI.
  • UI should reflect the game’s detailed attention to WWII history and should depict its pathos in approach.  
Final concept
Perspective mockup